MR. Asnawi Yusof is a Certified Professional Image Consultant (CPIC) and Certified Men’s Image Consultant (CMIC) certified by the Akedemi Perunding Imej Profesional (Academy of Professional Image Consultant), Kuala Lumpur. Prior to receiving intensive training and certification as professional image consultant, Mr Asnawi completed his Bachelor Degree from University Petronas in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Despite the difference between the nature of his formal education and his professional certification, Mr Asnawi strongly believes that passion should be the solid foundation for career that anyone chose. Hence, he decided to embark his career path as professional soft-skill trainer in professional image development and graduate career enhancement.

He represented Malaysia to attend the biggest conference for Men’s Style and Grooming, Menfluential 2018 to Atlanta, United States of America and met more than 30 distinguished speakers such as Aaron Marino and Antonio Centeno.

Attached with Training Cube International Sdn. Bhd, a training firm well-known for strong and effective soft-skills modules, Mr Asnawi has been chosen to be under the wing of Malaysia’s most sought after image guru- Puan MaryAnni.

He received intensive guidance,direct coaching and on-the-job training as he goes all over the country and co-train with Puan Mary in the following subjects:

  • Professional Image and Appearance Management
  • Building Effective Working Attire
  • Style Preference in Personality
  • Social and Business Etiquette
  • Dining Etiquette for Professional
  • The Art of Dressing Professional Men and Women
  • Effective comnunication Approches at Workplace
  • Customer Service and Service Culture

Mr. Asnawi is also highly capable in the delivering programmed and developing modules related to career building and motivation for graduates. He offers service to help career seeker make the most of their planning and decision-making process to find job path that match their needs. He also administers interest inventories and aptitudes tests to help career seekers get better idea of what they are good at.

Mr. Asnawi’s client described him as energetic, enthusiastic and utterly professional. His captivating style and ability to engage his audience provide memorable and enriching learning experience for all of his participants.