Certified Men’s Image Consultant CMIC


The skills to manage men’s appearance is the combination of science and art. Any image consultant who wants to provide image improvement service for men needs more specialized training. The pioneer course of men’s image in Academy ended with 12 image consultants certified as Certified Men’s Image Consultant (CMIC) on last May 2018. They have been trained and started their career as men’s image consultant in various market – public, private, education institute and much more.

This 4 days intensive course (3 days of learning and 1 day evaluation), all participant will be trained to master 9 modules related to men’s image management for different level of client. Participants will be provided with the perfect learning material in order to start a new career as CMIC.

  • To master the skills and image management techniques for male professional’s client.
  • To conduct image program, cooperate, individual consultation with structure and professional.
  • To manage and audit the requirement and image personality for each male client with structure, fast and more effective.
  • To provide “Professional Advice Services” for male client according to their needs and styles.
  • To start a career as men’s image consultant after finishing the course and certified as Certified Men’s Image Consultant CMIC  by the academy.


Method of learning process:

  • Effective Talk
  • Group Activity
  • Individual Task
  • Practical Training
  • Demonstration

Each participant need to active involve throughout the course because this will be evaluated as well for the purpose of certification.

Every participant needs to be test on their understanding, knowledge, and skills during courses. The test included:

  • Writing Test
  • Individual Skills Test
  • Group Skills Test
  • Final Day Presentation

To be CMIC, all participant need to pass all test provided.


This course provide specific training to answer questions regarding to professional men’s image management. Course’s methodology include group discussion, individual presentation, quizzes, writing and verbal test. There are 9 main module that need to be learned during the sessions. 

  • Module 1 Men styles myth
  • Module 2 Principle and regulation Working with men
  • Module 3 Men style persona audit 
  • Module 4 Body shape and balance 
  • Module 5 Scale and  face shape Analysis 
  • Module 6 Color analysis for men
  • Module 7 Dress code – professional, Semi casual and casual
  • Module 8 Dressing style, stitching and matching 
  • Module 9 The complete step in consultation process