Certified Professional Image Consultant CPIC


The most popular course in the Akedemi  has now reached our 13th Batch. 138 image consultant have been certified as CPIC (Certified Professional Image Consultant) to date, January 2018. They have been trained and started their career as professional image consultant in various market – public, private, education institute etc

Every year, this course is organised twice and only 15 participants accepted during each intake. This 7 days intensive course will train the participant to master 12 modules related to the technique of managing professional image for clients from various level. The participant will be supplied with complete materials to instantly start their career as a CPIC just after the course ended.

  • Understanding the effect of planned image in daily personal and professional life
  • Mastering the skills and basic technique as an image consultant
  • Conducting events related to image, cooperate and personal consultation with structure and professional
  • Evaluating  every client’s need and image potential
  • Giving professional advice service to the clients according to their style and needs
  • Starting career in image consultant field after the course ended and certified as CPIC (Certified Professional Image Consultant) by the Akedemi


The course will be conducted with the following method :

  • Interactive Talk
  • Activities in group
  • Individual Task
  • Practical Training
  • Demonstration

Every participant is require to active participate throughout the course presentation as it one of the element to be evaluated for certification purpose.

Every participant will also be tested in their skills understanding and mastering during the course. The test will be conducted in the following perspectively:

  • Writing Test
  • Individual Skills Test
  • In- Group Skills Test
  • Information Delivery and Presentation Test

To be a CPIC, it is compulsory for every participant to pass all the test conducted.


The course will highlight on two categories of module, core module and elective module.

Core module is the compulsory module consists of various topics that must be mastered by every participant before being certified as a CPIC by the Akedemi.

Elective module is extra module prepared to provide information related to business management to success in the career as a professional image consultant .

Division of 12 Core Modules
  • Module 1  Basic Image /Grooming 101
  • Module 2 Personality Style and appearance factor
  • Module 3 Face shape analysis and application
  • Module 4 Body shape analysis and application
  • Module 5 Skin care & Make-up
  • Module 6 (1) Basic concept of color analysis
  • Module 6 (2) Self- color analysis and application 
  • Module 7 Art of men’s appearance 
  • Module 8 Art of women’s appearance 
  • Module 9 Wordrobe management 
  • Module 10 Personal Shopping
  • Module 11 Business ethics and socials
  • Module 12 Dining etiquette and table manners