Enhance: Women’s Style & Image Workshop


Having a slim body is a dream for all women. However,if you are still in the process of slimming and has not reached your targeted weight, you can still appear slimmer instantly. Using “Dressing Illusion Technique”/Teknik Ilusi Pakaian (TIP) is the best and appropriate of choosing the right clothes that will fit your body.

One of the contents of this workshop is to introduce the principle of TIP. This principle explains that by choosing the right dressing with the right proportion to one’s body can make them look slimmer.

TIP has been used widely by many popular fashion designer on luxurious clothes. Clothes that applied the principle of TIP are bought by many people although it expensive, because it not only it makes the wearer looks slimmer, but they will also appear taller and more elegant with the right clothing style.


The main mission of this workshop is to help all women to be smarter in choosing clothes that can give slimmer illusion. This intensive workshop focuses to:

  • Women who want to be more confident when purchasing clothes and fitting into it.
  • Women who want to cover sensitive part of her body when choosing clothes.
  • Women who want the purchase and worth it to her.


All participant will be exposure in details to the 4 practical element of TIP, and easy to apply in daily dressing and also for special event such as dinner event or wedding ceremony.

  • Patterns and lines
  • Colors
  • Type of fabrics
  • Balancing